Dominican Chicken and Rice

If you like chicken and rice (arroz con pollo), you’re going to love the Dominican version of the popular recipe, known as Locrio de Pollo. To give the dish incredible depth of flavor, cooks in the Dominican Republic sear marinated chicken pieces in caramelized sugar before adding homemade sofrito, sweet potatoes, spices, chicken broth and rice. The whole dish is simmered together until the rice is tender and the chicken is cooked through. Serve this delicious one-skillet meal with tostones, avocado and a side salad for an authentic Dominican feast.

Serves: 6

Prep time: 15 min.

Total time: 45 min.


1 whole chicken (about 4½ lbs.), cut into 8 pieces

1 tbsp. GOYA® Adobo All-Purpose Seasoning with Pepper

1 tbsp. GOYA® Lemon Juice

1 small yellow onion, finely chopped (about ½ cup)

1 cubanelle pepper, finely chopped (about ½ cup)

1 tsp. GOYA® Minced Garlic, or 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

½ tbsp. cilantro, chopped

1 tsp. GOYA® Oregano Leaves

2 tbsp. GOYA® Canola Oil

1 tsp. sugar

¼ cup GOYA® Tomato Paste

1 medium sweet potato, peeled and chopped (about 1 cup)

½ cup GOYA® Manzanilla Olives, pitted and halved

1 packet GOYA® Chicken Bouillon

Salt, to taste

2 cups CANILLA® Extra Long Grain Rice



1.In large, plastic zip-top bag or airtight container with lid, add chicken pieces, Adobo, lemon juice, onions, pepper, garlic, cilantro and oregano. Seal bag and massage to coat chicken completely in marinade. Marinate at room temperature about 10 minutes. Remove chicken from marinade, reserving marinade.

2.Heat large, heavy-bottomed pot over medium-high heat; add oil and add sugar, stirring to combine; cook until sugar turns brown, about 30 seconds, taking care that it doesn’t burn. Immediately add chicken, skin-side down. Reduce heat to medium and cover pot. Cook, covered, flipping chicken once, until chicken is golden brown on both sides, about 10 minutes; transfer chicken to plate and set aside.

3.To same pot over medium-high heat, add 4 cups water, reserved marinade, tomato paste, sweet potatoes, olives and chicken bouillon; stir until well combined and tomato paste and chicken bouillon are dissolved. Season with salt, to taste.

4.Bring liquid to boil; add rice, stirring until incorporated. Return liquid to boil. Reduce heat to medium; simmer until water is evaporated, about 5-7 minutes. Return chicken to pot; reduce heat to low. Simmer, covered, until chicken is cooked through and rice is almost tender, about 15 minutes. Stir chicken and rice from bottom to top. Cover pot and cook until rice is tender, about 5-10 minutes more. Serve immediately.